Build Bigger: A powerful advert for your organisation

This is an original concept advertisement made to the highest standards. Totally bespoke, this 60 second spot encompasses many positive messages relevant to the construction industry. Want to have it for your business? Bid below for exclusive rights.

The concept

Usually a glossy high end video would cost between tens of thousands or even millions to have produced.

This is an opportunity to get your own exclusive high end advert at a fraction of the cost.

By using expert writers, creative directors, and expert editors, we create glossy video that looks and sounds as good as any you would see in the cinema or television, just like this one.

We have created this advert for the use of one company or organisation. If you win the bid, it will be customised to match your branding and delivered to you with full rights and ownership.


What you get

This includes:

  • This advert with your branding
  • Your logo & titles
  • Professional voiceover of your choice
  • HD video file
  • Full and exclusive rights
How bidding works

It is simple. If you are interested in this advert, place a bid. Like any auction, the highest bidder will win.

About Mediamerge Limited

We are a video marketing company based near the Innovation Park in Cambridge UK.

Our highly qualified team has expertise and extensive marketing and video production experience.

If you have any questions or would just like to chat call us on 01223 750705 or contact us via email.


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