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It started with a simple idea: to expertly capture real classroom practice so other teachers can reflect on, and learn from the practice of others. Using email marketing, print, and social media, we have sold our product to over 3200 schools, leading training providers including The Institute of Education, Edge Hill University, Cambridge Faculty of Education, and even Ofsted.

The importance of good email copy

One of the crucial factors in the success of this project was the refinement and evolution of the email marketing campaigns to appeal to the education market. The key was in writing great copy in campaigns rather than one-off emails or offers. and over time, we have managed to achieve click-through rates up to an average of 15.4% over three times the industry average, leading to the sale of our product to around 10% of all schools!

We now offer this growing collection of resources on physical media and on our subscription-based website To have an even wider reach, we also work with key distribution partners including Vimeo and Iris Connect.


Classroom observation box sets


This project involved:

  • Concept creation
  • Branding
  • Research & development
  • Email marketing
  • Print marketing
  • Social media communications
  • Youtube channel with nearly 1 million views
  • Establishing links with distribution partners

Moving forward

Having sold our observations on DVD, we now offer them and our other resources on our own video streaming platform which we developed in-house,


Examples of banners to be used on the website and email campaigns.

Example of a Classroom Observation banner
Example of a Classroom Observation banner
Example of a Classroom Observation banner

Print advertising

Classroom observation print advertising
Classroom observation print advertising