Brand development, marketing & consultancy

We were approached by a company already established in Spain. As a family run business, the challenge of launching the product in the UK for a worldwide audience was a daunting one.

Previously the company had been working with a marketing company but had very limited success and were struggling to get established, despite having a very exciting product. We wrote a new marketing strategy, renamed the product, and created a fresh website with copy that focused on the incredible benefits rather than scientific detail of the product. 

Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks, we have generated enquiries from all over the world and will be continuing to help the company move forward and grow using email marketing and other strategies.

For this project we:

  • Created a marketing plan
  • Wrote new copy
  • Created a new website
  • Used LinkedIn connections to nurture interest and develop relationships
  • Created fresh advertising ideas

Next Steps

  • Launch email marketing campaigns
  • Create video advertising
  • Develop social media communications