Made to Measure Media Training & Workshops

We offer tailored training in whatever areas of the media you require, from facing the cameras in a TV interview to your online identity, writing press releases or crafting a promotional video.

Presented by a former BBC Television, Radio and Online News Correspondent with 25 years’ experience, we will construct a range of realistic scenarios based on your company or organisation’s work to give you the confidence to deal with journalists in any situation. You can choose whichever of our sessions will be of most benefit, from just one to all of them, ask to focus on certain areas and discard others, and we will build the day accordingly. Your package comes with a full aftercare service so you can call for help with handling the media in an emergency.



From a newspaper reporter calling to arrange a photoshoot and ask for some quotes about your latest success, to the TV cameras descending after a major failure, this will equip you with all the skills you need to deal with the modern media.

The session features running a mock newsroom, to help you understand how journalists operate, the way they see stories and what they need to make them work. You can learn how to write press releases that grab an editor’s attention within seconds, along with the angles that make a story appealing. We’ll take you through what to say to journalists, including being clear on the message you want to present, how to compose memorable soundbites that really resonate, and what to wear when you face the press.

We’ll also reveal the common traps and pitfalls of the media interview, along with how to predict the questions you will be asked. You can then put that into action in a range of interview scenarios, from a simple fifteen second soundbite to an extended, hostile TV interview under the studio lights. We’ll review how you get on and repeat if necessary, to ensure you learn the lessons and become a polished media performer.

You will also be given recordings of your interviews to take away, so you can brush up your skills when the press come calling.


You know social media is important, but how can you find the time to get your message out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and all the other online outlets?

This session demonstrates how to adapt the message and soundbites you’ve decided on in your Media Training for social media. We’ll examine which are the best platforms for you to use, at what times of day, how often, and what to post to make the maximum impact.

The session will also look at the importance of photos and videos on social media, and how to ensure yours stand out from the crowd. The art of brevity, and the subtleties of social media – from your biography, to your online voice – will also be featured. If you’d like to know how to blog effectively, and whether it’s worth doing, we can cover that too.


Whether it’s a thirty second video of your latest success for Twitter and Facebook, or a longer film to showcase yourself at conferences and presentations, we can offer whatever you need.

From a news report style video, fully narrated and featuring interviews with staff and stakeholders, to a snapshot of the inner workings of your latest project, we can put these together as part of your media experience package.

Unlike many video companies, we place no restrictions on the use of your video. When it’s finished, it’s yours to use wherever and whenever, just as you wish.

Simon Hall’s top tip for presenting to the media

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is a journalist with 25 years’ experience of covering some of the biggest stories Britain has seen. Most of his career has been spent as a BBC News Correspondent, specialising in local government, legal and home affairs reporting, working for television, radio and online. In recent years, Simon has also worked with council leaders, chief constables, chief executives, politicians, senior business people and chief fire officers to help with their handling of the media.

As well as being a journalist, Simon is an author, teacher and public speaker. His novels – the TV Detective series – are about a television reporter who covers crimes and gets so involved in the cases, he helps the police to solve them. Seven have been published.

Simon lectures at Cambridge and Exeter Universities on careers in the media, as well as giving talks about the industry at schools and colleges across Britain under the auspices of the Speakers for Schools charity. Amongst his proudest achievements, Simon includes the number of young people he has helped into jobs in broadcasting, and aspiring writers into publication.

He is married to Jess, Director of Libraries at Cambridge University, and has an adopted daughter, Niamh. She’s an army officer, which makes her father both very proud and very nervous.


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