Other websites

Mediamerge has worked on many web projects. Here are just a few of them.

Ever Improvements

Construction website

We created a bespoke design using WordPress that is responsive, easily updated without any technical know-how, and that displays beautifully on all devices.
Website: www.everimprovements.co.uk

Cambridge Building Ltd

This is a website we created for a local building company. It uses a responsive design to allow users to view it on any device. In order to ensure optimum visibility we secured a relevant domain and rewrote the website copy.

Website: www.cambridgebuilding.co.uk


Previously this company traded as Espazyme, and was struggling to attract any business via the site. We reviewed the text and found that it focussed on the technicalities of the product in great scientific detail. We this in mind, we created a brand new site and re-wrote the copy with an emphasis on the benefits to the customer. We also renamed the product as it created associations with ineffective enzyme based competitors. Since the launch, there has been a 1300% increase in consumer enquiries.

Website: anaerobicdigestion.net


We created this site for a local cleaning company and wrote the copy. Created using HTML5, the site displays well on all devices and the copy is concise and on point.

Website: camb-clean.co.uk